What is DigiDonate?

DigiDonate aims to seek in donation used digital devices and channelise those re-conditioned laptops, tablets, and old mobile phones to those in need and bridge the digital divide gaps.

Why donate your old digital device?

  • Your old device will help school going children to access online learning
  • Information access
  • Micro and small entrepreneurs to promote and market products online
  • Women will get access to information and online services
  • Will give job and employment for youths to repair and recycle your old device

What you can donate?

  • Any old laptop that is in working condition with a power cable.
  • Old mobile phone in working condition with a charger.
  • Old electronic tablet in working condition with a charger.
  • Old computer with working CPU and UPS.
  • Old functional printer (black & white and colour), digital camera and any such usable digital device.

How you will donate?

  • Please clean your electronic item with alcohol gel.
  • Please ensure the laptop is fully turned off (not in sleep mode).
  • Please save, download, and delete all your private or important data, information before you donate your items.
  • Pack your device properly.
  • Call and visit the nearest DigiDonate Collection Point and submit the device.
  • Collect donation receipt.
  • Follow Covid-19 safety measures / tips.


  • We cannot accept items that are broken, damaged or not in a usable condition.
  • We cannot accept items that do not have a power cable or have damaged or frayed power cable.
  • All donated items will be processed, repaired, recycled and reused as per safety standards of health and environmental laws and protocols.
  • The electronic items that are donated will not be returned back to you, as they are donations in good faith.
  • DigiDonate is a not-for profit initiative
  • No child labour will be engaged or employed to process, repair or recycled old digital devices.

Process for Donation

  • For offline donation, please download the donation form at http://nedfindia.org & fill in the details and send us along with the donated item/s to designated DigiDonate Centre / Station.

Guwahati DigiDonate Collection Centre

Plot 159, First Floor, Farm Gate,
Khanapara, Guwahati – 781022, Assam
Mobile: 7896732850, 7303452425 |
Email: digidonate.guwahati@gmail.com